Looking to the future


Finding the perfect degree is a challenge that college students face at some point in their careers.  It is hard for people to accept that the decision they make now about their degree affects the lifestyle they will lead the rest of their working life.  However, there are ways to help you make this choice.  Some tools start off basic helping you decide which colleges to look at and what field of degrees to consider including these websites, programs and quizzes:

 While the above resources help you make some big decisions about what college to attend and what field of study to focus on, there is still other decisions that must be made for your future.  


What do I want to do with my life? Where do I want my career to take me in 5 to 10 years?  What is my actual dream job?  There are so many question that immidetly come to mind when I start to ponder the next steps in my life following college.  However, the biggest problem with this question is that I have to start thinking about where I want to be in 5-10 years now.  I have to make the decisions about my field of study emphasis today, so that when I leave college I am set with the right degree and emphasis. 


This week in lecture we were introduced to several different paths or emphasizes we can focus on in a journalism degree.  Some including:

  • Convergence:
    • http://convergence.journalism.missouri.edu/
    • We teach “Multiple media”
      • Learn how to report, edit and produce with the story and the audience in mind
      • Skills can translate into any (non) tradition newsrooms
        • NPR news rooms
        • Huffington post
        • Produces
        • Post-info graphic
        • “Freelance” for KOMU, KBIA, and Missourian
        • Students work in teams to report weeklong multimedia projects every other week
          • KOMU: 6hour-shift/week: 8a-2p, 12n-7p, 5p-11p M-F
          • KBIA: 2 four hour shits per week 9a-1p, or 1:30p-5: 30
          • Newsy: 2 four hour shifter per week M-S (6am-11pm)
          • Missourian/Vox: flexible
          • Looking at 15 hours per week
  • Photojournalism:
    • http://photojournalism.missouri.edu/
    • Telling stories through images, video and audio
      • J4556: Fundamentals of photojournalism
      • J4558: Advanced techniques in photojournalism
      • A rigorous lighting course
        • Taught by professor Rita Reed
      • J4560: Staff Photojournalism
        • Cover our community for the Columbia Missourian
      • J4670: Picture Desk Management
        • Several shifts a week
        • We dive the photo editors into beats so we can specialize
      • J4980: Picture story and Photographic Essay
      • J4568: Visual photo journalism
      • J4564: Micro documentary Photojournalism
        • Taught by Steve Rice
        • ImageImage
  • Magazine Journalism:
    • http://journalism.missouri.edu/department/magazine-journalism-faculty/
    • Interest Areas:
    • Magazine design
    • Magazine Editing
    • Magazine Publishing and Management
    • Magazine Writing
    • Arts and Culture Journalism
      • 4450: News Reporting (1-3 stories per week)
      • 4506: Magazine Design (4-5assignments in the semester)
      • 4410: Intermediate Writing (1 to 4 stories during the semester)
      • 4408: Magazine Editing (Weekly editing assignments, 3 exams)
  • Capstone Classes
    • Can be taken last full academic year
      • 4984: magazine staff
      • 4986: Advanced writing
      • 4988:Advanced magazine Design (Spring Only)
      • 4990: Journalism and Democracy
      • 4994: Magazine Publishing


Hearing the 3 different speakers this week was such a wake up call.  Each of the professors went through the different courses we would be required to take in that certain sequence, as well as the time commitments and responsibilities of each of the required class.  I enjoyed seeing the professors examples of the work we would be producing in the classes and also hearing about the job opportunities past students in that particular sequence had received. However, even though the professors were interesting it was an intense reminder to hear that we will have to decide the emphasis we want to choose soon which then will lead us to looking for a job!

            Although I am pretty sure I want to have my emphasis as strategic communication, I am not really sure what kind of job I would like to have.  However, I have researched several different options for Strat. Comm. majors and these are some things I found:

  • http://www.cas.muohio.edu/advising/majors/stratcomm.html
  • Business/Industry
    • Research analyst
    • Assistant buyer
    • Consultant
    • Sales representative
    • Business manager
    • Information specialist
    • Account coordinator
    • Customer service representative
    • Claims investigator
    • Advertising assistant
    • Management trainee
    • Marketing associate
    • Reservation agent
    • Employee relations staff
    • Personnel
    • Public affairs director
    • Corporate communication director
    • Human Relations
      • Community affairs administrator
      • Program coordinator
      • Public relations representative
      • Public Relations
        • Media relations director
        • Employee relations specialist
        • Consumer relations director
        • Corporate communication director
        • Community relations specialist
        • Publicity director
        • Public information specialist
        • Marketing communication trainee
        • Account executive
        • Assistant account executive
        • Media researcher
        • Promotion specialist
        • Public relations marketing specialist
        • Media buyer
        • Integrated marketing communication director


Seeing all these different options for a future job in the emphasis I’m considering is encouraging.  I am a people person and I think what is most intriguing to me about the above positions is that I will be working a lot with others.  Although it is not a guarantee that I will get one of the above jobs, I think it I am on the right track for the future.  No matter where I end up I feel like my hard work and determination to succeed will lead me anywhere I desire. 


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