New habits mean new challenges


Using Photoshop, cameras and other electronics might seem like a slice of cake to some people, but for me they are nothing more than a mere challenge.  This week in J2150 I came to the realization that this class will push me into a lot of directions I have not yet been before.  As I shared in my last blog a new semester means new habits, but I’m also realizing it means new challenges too. 

In our first J2150 lecture we were taught how to use a camera tri-pod. I never thought a three legged figure would seem so complicated!  I had to take notes on how to work it, and even got a bit nervous hearing Professor Rice say this was the most common piece of equipment for students to break.  Needless to say this was just one reminder of the struggles that potentially lie ahead. 

On Tuesday, in J2150 lab, we were shown how to work the D7000 cameras.  Although I have seen these cameras before, I did not realize how many functions go into one little object.  I was a bit overwhelmed learning how to work all the buttons, but also excited that we get the opportunity to use such a nice camera.  My true test with this equipment will come up in the next couple of days as I start our seeing red assignment.  Although I am a bit stressed by all the new things I am leaning in this class, I am excited to try new things that could potentially help me in my future career.


New Habit’s

This week was one of many where I began new habits.  However, these changes did not only take place in my life but millions of other college students across the country as school started back up.

While I won’t get into all the ‘nitty gritty’ detail, some of my new habits this semester include tweeting for a class, waking up at 7am every Tuesday/ Thursday, bloging and, my personal favorite, no class on Fridays!  However, the things I mentioned all revolve around one class Journalism 2150.  This class will be my main point of interest for this blog throughout the semester. 

This week in class our schedule was very basic.  We did the things you would normally do the first few days of i.e. go through the syllabus.  During the past couple days I have been able to grasp the main concepts we will be covering this semester in J2150. I am excited to work with multimedia and learn from talented people, because these are topics I have a lot of interest in.