MU Moves To SEC

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With the 2012-2013 academic school year coming to a close I think it is important to highlight one of The University of Missouri-Columbia’s biggest changes this past year, joining the South Eastern Conference.  Since 1907 Mizzou has been apart of the Big Twelve Conference, which contributed to the University’s success in many sports titles, and academic honors as well as building many memories and traditions.  Some examples of these are:

  • Making it the elite eight in 2009
  • Sports games against MU’s biggest rival KU since 1891
  • MU baseball winning Big 12 Conference title

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However, joining the SEC has also brought many new customs to Mizzou.  Over the past year we stepped into a new realm of schools, regulations, and traditions and learned to handle the southern way.  In an article written by ESPN Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox said, “Mizzou adds more territory to our footprint, brings high quality academics and a good athletic program to our league.  As a former assistant in the Big Eight, and as a guy who grew up in that region, I think I understand pretty well that we’ve added a good one”.  Fox’s statement was right on, MU does have a lot to offer and that’s why our first year in the SEC was a good start.  Although we did not have much success in either our boys football or basketball season, we came into the games with a lot of pride.  Our fans were excited to start new traditions and supported our players no matter the outcome of the final score.  Some interesting articles about us joining SEC include:

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From the above articles it is easily seen there are mixed emotions regarding MU joining the SEC.  It is also clear that MU has a lot of work to do in regards to our athletic teams.  However, all in all there have been many pro’s to MU’s first year in the SEC and I think only time will tell how well we really “fit in”.
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