Identity: Real and Imagined


Julie Shaprio, the Third Coast artistic director, came to MU campus on March 1, 2013 to share some great broadcast radio clips and inform us about the Third Coast Festival.  Shaprio has been with Third Coast since 2000 and it is clear she very knowledgeable in her field.  I was easily drawn into Shaprio’s laid back personality and true passion for broadcast radio. The audio clips that we played and discussed during the presentation were great.  Each of the pieces were unique with ideas and angles of audio that I had never heard before.  I was shocked at how interesting I found the clips and how easily I was drawn into the stories behind them.  All of the stories were extremely visual and made me feel like I was watching them right in front of me.  Although broadcast radio is not something I see myself doing in my career, I still felt like the presentation was very beneficial to me.  I was able to grasp some new ideas for telling stories and I hope that in the future I will be able to use them in my work. 

  • Some of the main points I took away from Shaprio include:
    • Thinking about where audio and sounds are taking you. 
      • I.e. different places, situations, cultures
        • How do you feel in this place?
  • Radio and broadcasts can connect and take you to places you normally wouldn’t go. 
  • Audio can be visual
  • Audio can change your emotions and how you feel about something
    • It be persuasive

To learn more about Julie Shapiro and the work she does for Third Coast visit:

Below are some of the bold statements that stuck out to me from the audio as well as some of the ideas I took away from the discussion:

  • “Podcast”
    • Trying to incorporate the audience by saying “say it with me”. 
    • “A podcast is every bit explainable as a toaster”
      • What are “podcasts”?
      • “Girls who hunt”
        • Very visual, “I have brown hair” “Her hair is teased up and pulled back”.  They go through all the details of shooting a dear including looking for one, shooting and killing it and loading it in the truck.
        • So much going on in the piece, and very visual
        • Interesting that almost 500 comments were on the clip but most were about animals rights            
        • I enjoyed that she showed how normal this girl was even though she hunted by sharing her interest in cheerleading.  Also interesting to see her pride in hutting, how she shares her feeling about it openly as if it is a day-to-day hobby for everyone. 
        • “Harper Funeral”
          • Visual and intense to hear them read the names of the students that have already passed because of gun violence.  It was easy to relate with the feelings by hearing the speaker breakdown over the radio and listen to the tears they were shedding. 
          • “Seems like someone is added to the list every week”
          • “Which one of us isn’t going to be coming back to school next fall”
          • “ I pray everyday that I don’t get another call that a student has been killed”
            • Points out some very hard things to hear
  • It really shows that everyone is heartbroken and that you might feel uncomfortable listening, but you realize they were feeling uncomfortable as well. 
  • “As black as we wish to be”
    • The words describe the situation in full. It illustrates the lady showing her birth certificate.  Clear that the lady as proud of her race and where she was from. 
    • “It says on her birth certificate “negro””. 
      • Makes it clear that the town was very decimator. 
  • “Don’t black girls need deodorant”
  • “I was a black person because I rode the black kid bus”            
  • “You will never forget who made your life miserable”
    • Very sad she had to live this way.  She didn’t want to show her parents so she would say they are to busy.  It made it seem as if they were hard working white people.  She had to pick out a different crowd that did not know her when she was being raised.  It was easy to see she that she wasn’t not proud of her family or sister. 
  • Really started to draw you in with the details because family is a topic that can be relatable to everyone.

The last thing mentioned at the presentation was that in a couple weeks there will be a public audio challenge.    The details and requirements include:  

  • 2-3minute story that is presented in 3 parts
  • Appetites as the theme
  • 8 finalists
    • Winners will have chefs make food inspired by their audio clip

I thought this competition sounded really fun so I brainstormed some ideas for a piece I would make. 

  • For my story I would do dinner club or progressive dinner
  • This would have a great storyline because so many families and groups all over the US get together and have these dinner events
  • It would be easy to break up in parts because you could do something for each course and talk about the history behind where the recipie came from
    • Many times people bring dishes they are good at making and sometimes these foods have a story that comes with it.   

Here are some examples of progessive dinner and food story ideas:


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