As we recently discussed in Journalism 2150 lecture plagiarism has become a big problem among students.  Whether you’re in middle school, high school or even college not many students enjoy doing their homework.  However, students of all ages have found an easy solution for this problem.  This solution is known as plagiarism.  Due to the worlds advancement in online technology it is easy for people to find substitutes for their homework via the web.  Some examples of this are:

            -Math book solutions

            -Online papers

            -Science lab solutions

            -Foreign language translators

            -Online photos

However, what many people do not realize is the detrimental effects of choosing to use theses resources.  Many websites that carry this online information have some sort of Hoax, which can cause viruses on your computer.  Also many of these websites have incorrect information and facts that will cause you to receive bad grades on your assignment.  Lastly, copying word for word from these websites is plagiarism, which can lead to students getting suspicion or even expelled from their schools.  Some graphics from, name the main reasons why plagiarism happen.  Here are the graphics found on



The graphics from do a good job of showing all the different angles of plagiarism.  As seen above it is easy to not do your own work and instead copy someone else’s.  Although you might not think it is a big deal to take someone else’s work and ideas, it is not fair to that individual to “steal” their handwork. Taking someone else’s work is no different than taking a t-shirt from a department store without paying, it’s stealing.  Plagiarizing should not only bite your integrity, but also make you realize how proud you should be of your own work.  No matter if your writing a paper, taking pictures or solving a short answer you should take pride in the work you create.


When it comes down to it, do the right thing and don’t plagiarize.  Although it might not seem like a big issue to get suspicion for a couple days or get a zero on your assignment, you will not always get off this easy.  In college the consequences can be much more serious and adults in a professions can be fined for plagiarizing and potentially even lose their jobs.  Also there are websites all over the web that can check for all types of plagiarism, so don’t think that you can just get away with it.  Many schools are now requiring students to submit their assignments through these websites, which shows what percent of your work was plagiarized.  Lastly, this can easily become a habit.  Once you get away with plagiarizing once you are more app to continue do it, which can cause further consequences. 


Some examples of websites that check for plagiarism include:

There are many articles all over the web that talk about plagiarism and the effects it has on both the author of the work and the person stealing it.  Some examples of good articles include:


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