Tragedy in The United States


Since 2013 the United States has seen a lot of tragedy among our own soil.  Although we are fourntate enough not to have a war being fought on our homeland, like many countries across the world, we have suffered because of people’s choices.  Since January first we have had multiple small killings/ wounding of innocent citizens and two mass devastations in our country.  The two biggest include:

  • Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Newtown Connecticut Shooting


However, what is so sad about these horrible instances is not only the killing and wounding of innocent people but also that these actions have been put on by people living in our country, most even citizens! Although people are killed everyday all over this world many times mass devastation takes place because of actions or retaliation to another county.  However, in the above examples these tragedies took place because of someone’s senseless actions.  According to an article found on this website: in 2012 there were 10 school shootings that left 41 people dead and 13 injured.  That number is ridiculous because these shootings do not have to take place.  However, what is most shocking about all of this is that according to the article on these unfortunate events have occurred more in 2013 than ever.  So why do these acts of terror take place?  Many people have different theories, however some of the most popular conspiracies include:


  • Gun laws: Some believe it is too easy to obtain a gun in the US and therefore think many shooting happen because it is not hard to purchase a gun.  
  • Mental health: Some people believe that these devastations happen because people have mental health issues that are not properly treated.  In other words, they have a problem that needs medication and since it’s not properly treated their minds convince them it is okay to proceed with acts of terror.
  • Worldwide Attention: Others believe that criminals are seeking attention from journalists and people all across the globe.  Almost always when these tragedies take place the picture of the criminal is plastered all over newspapers, TV and social media.  This attention makes them thrive and encourages them in the process no matter the final outcome of their punishment. 


Some articles on these topics include:

Regardless of the reasons why these terrible acts of terror take place, they need to be stopped.  In an article written by the Washington Post Brad Plumer writes about why mass shootings take place.  In order to stop these devastations we must first conclude why they are happening.  To read more on this article and help stop devastation in our own country check out these websites to see what we as citizens can do:


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