Boston Bombing- Extra Credit


Reflecting on the news coverage regarding the Boston bombing makes my heart grieve. I cannot believe the actions that two men took to harm so many people’s lives. However, from a journalist perspective I applaud all those who reported about this horrific event. Although there were a few hiccups with facts regarding how many people were killed/injured as well as details regarding the suspects all the facts were made clear in the end.


 When the event first took place I found out from CNN and the Associated Press via twitter. Although tweets are not the most informative form of news coverage, I gained a lot of respect for these newscasts for getting the main details out quick. Also almost all of these tweets were linked to an article where I was able to read about more of the situation. All in all the majority of the information I gathered was via news coverage on twitter, websites and television.  As a college student I find myself struggling to stay up to date on things happening in the news via blog’s or news websites, so almost always TV and twitter are the best options. 


After staying tuned into the news regarding the Boston bombing via twitter, in the near future I see myself using twitter more for news.  It is very easy to follow all different news organizations and bloggers and I felt as though I was continually up to date on all the new happenings.  I also enjoyed twitter because this was a resource I could use as I was walking to class or chatting with a friend because it is an app that can be put on my phone.  I believe if there were other apps similar to twitter people would also use them as places to view news. 



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