The Social Media Realm

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram or something else, social media seems to be at the height of its success.  No matter where you are around the world everyone is familiar with these websites and most people are also very involved in them.

Here are some statistics about the worlds involvement:

  1. Facebook:  1.06 billion monthly active users and 680 million mobile users
  2. Twitter: 500 million total users and more than 200 million active users
  3. MySpace: 25 million users
  4. Instagram: 100 million users


The four social media sites I listed above are only a handful of hundreds, check out the link above to see others.  However, what is so fascinating about these networks is that they are growing and improving so quickly.  I can remember several years ago when I first heard about Facebook and it was more of a college thing.  Students would get online and make a profile to talk to other students that attended their university.  However, it is easily seen that Facebook has expanded their audience to people of all ages and they are not stopping there.  Facebook and all other similar social media websites are creating new innovative links, applications and groups that are attractive to people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and hobbies.  Their goal is to have the most engaging network to draw in interest from people across the globe. Today, many sites are  focusing their time to a specific consumer resource (ie: pictures, videos, statuses) in order to have the most advanced technology for consumers.

Some good examples of this are:

  1. Linked-In: Business Professional Network
  2. Facebook: Personal Profile
  3. Fouresquare: “Check-in” for various consumer locations
  4. Instagram: Photos
  5. Twitter: Statuses


A more recent social media site is Vine.  Vine is focused on allowing users to make short videos of things they are doing.  The actual Vine description says: “The best way to see and share life in motion” (


Here a couple Vine examples:

However, these social media websites are much more than just a tool they have become a way of life.  Each of the users on these networks meet people, engage in conversations and rely on these sites as a way to find out information.  According to a pole taken in 2012 by Statistic Brain 56 percent of the world uses some kind of social network each day.  This pole also showed the top ten most social media engaged countries:


  1. Isreal
  2. Argentina
  3. Russia
  4. Turkey
  5. Chile
  6. The Phillppines
  7. Colombia
  8. Peru
  9. Veezuela
  10. Canada
  11. United States


Each social media site also has numerous other links and pages to other users, different websites and advertisement.  These links are why many of sites have been growing at such a fast rate.  Word spreads quickly espically when it is traveling over the internet full of billions of users.  Here are some interesting facts about websites links:

  1. Instagram: 4 billion photos
  2. Facebook has more than 50 million pages and 10 million apps
  3. Foursquare: 1 million business
  4. Flickr: 8 billion photos


However, social media sites that expose all of these “links” can also be a disadvantage to users applying for jobs.  As we talked about in J2150 lecture a couple weeks back, many employers are now looking to these sites to find information about potential employees.  Companies are looking at things such as your pictures, statuses, and things posted on your wall.  Therefore it is important that people on these social media websites are careful of the things they are posting because you never know where that link could end up.

There are many interesting articles regarding social media and up and coming websites.  To read more about the social media realm, the benefits and also the cons check out these links:



The Info graphic below came from the following website:



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