Spring Break is Finally Here!

Whether one is headed to the beach, mountains or just a relaxing week at home I think every student can agree they are ready for spring break! With the week just around the corner many students are ready to start the vacation they have been planning since last semester.  Although some would say their bodies are not in the best shape for swimsuit on the beach, most agree their mind could use a couple days rest from schoolwork.   However, a lot more planning goes into spring break than one would think.  You not only have to pick a location, but decide on your choice of transportation and book a place to stay all while staying in a tight college budget.  While this might seem like a slice of cake to some people, it can be complicated for a first timer.  Some of the more recent college “hot spots” includes:

  • Panama City
  • Golf Shores
  • Destin
IMG_3272 by melbGuySpring Break Panama City Beach Florida 2010 The Sandpiper Beacon (113) by Sandpiper Beacon Beach ResortSpring Break in Panama City Beach by panamacitybeachcvbSpring Breakers huddle up in Panama City Beach by panamacitybeachcvbPanama City Beach by heytampaSpring Break Beach_0519 by i_shoot_a_d7000Spring Break 2012 Pensacola Beach Florida April 1 2012 by worldstreetphotos.comSpring Break 2012 April 1 Pensacola Beach Florida. by worldstreetphotos.com


Although each of these places sound like a great retreat anyone that has been would agree you’ll need your party hat on.  The shores of these beaches are consumed with crowds of college students for most of March when Universities all over the country have their spring break.  Also the large amount of people that fill these sandy beaches are generally under the influence of alcohol which reaffirms the acquisitions of big party.  But for a college student what sounds better than that? Before anyone is ready to head on their trip there a couple things to think about:

  • Exercising:
    • Who wants to go on spring break out of shape?  Go to the gym and get your body in shape for a swimsuit or site seeing! Even if it’s just a small workout getting your heart rate up burn calories.  Plus going to the gym makes you feel positive about yourself.
    • Dieting:
      • Eat smaller portions; this can be easy by choosing a smaller plate for your food vs. a large plate because you are forced to get less food.  Also eat healthier things, you can’t just eat junk food and expect to shred the pounds.  Maybe instead of choosing a bowl of ice cream for dessert have a cup of fruit.  Choosing to eat better will pay off when you want to look good in your spring break clothes and it will also give you more energy.
      • Planning Ahead:
        • Just because you get a week off school does not mean you can blow off school.  Its important before you leave to think through the homework you are going to have when you get back from your vacation.
          • This especially applies to those of us in the Journalism 2150 class.   With all the projects we are assigned to work on we really need to start early.  The week we return from spring break we have the TV news style video due during our first lab.  Since the date is such quick turn around we need to have thought through and potentially started the project before we leave.   This can be hard to do since the due date is far away, but important if you want to have a good project to turn in.
          • Although I used journalism as an example this rule applies to all areas of studies.

If you want some help planning your spring break you can also check out the below websites.  Each of the websites gives information about booking spring break for a large group of people as well as finding the best location for your trip.  Although you will still have to put in a lot of work yourself, these websites will help you get started:

However, crazy spring breaks are not for everyone.  If your not the partying type, it might be a better fit for you to go on Alternative Spring Break.  Alternative Spring Break is an organization that takes college students from universities all over the country, to a community in need.  Over the course of the week students are able to provide assistance to those in need including things like building houses and schools, working with kid or handing out medical kits.  This opportunity is awesome because you are not only able to have a fun spring break and meet a lot of people, but also give back to a community in need.  Although I have not been on alternative spring break I have done several similar mission trips and understand the reward you feel when giving back to those less fortunate than yourself.  To learn more about Alternative Spring Break and how to apply check out these websites:

Alternative Spring Break 2006 by Lesley UniversityAlternative Spring Break 2006 by Lesley UniversityAlternative Spring Break Volunteers by vastateparksstaffAlternative Spring Break Volunteers by vastateparksstaffAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversityAlternative Spring Break by hofstrauniversitySpring Break in Appalachia by Saint Anselm CollegePomona College Alternative Spring Break at Heron's Head Park by metroblossom

No matter where your spring break destination may be make sure you keep your social media classy.  As we learned today (3/18) in lecture what you post on social media can leave a trail that follows you the rest of your life.  Businesses and companies all over the United States are scanning social media sites before hiring potential employees, and you would not want something you posted to affect you being hired.  Therefore make sure you are smart about the pictures, statuses and tweet you chose to post so this scenario never applies to you.  Here are some things not to post:

Our Drinking Buddies on Orient Beach after Dark by Steve EgglestonDrinking On the Beach by twonjoshdrunk girl on beach by arslion

Spring Break 2003 by mikeedesign


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