Pictures have a misson



I have always heard the Quote “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and never really known the meaning or origin of this saying.  However, after some research I have found many leads saying the quote is from an old Chinese proverb “A picture is worth ten thousand words”.  Fred Barnard wrote a story about this in The Yale Book of Quotations.  Read more of about this story here:



My thoughts on the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” started during our Journalism 2150 lecture this week.  In class we learned about:

Picture quality





The five W’s

                (Who, what when where and why)


The rule of thirds

Image Image


                 Cool light vs. Warm Light

This was a very interesting lecture because these are all concepts I am still trying to understand for my own use.  Dr. Rice did a good job explaining these ideas; similar to some examples I found and posted above.  However, the concept I most enjoyed learning about was cool light vs. warm light.  I had never really thought about pictures in this angle before, and found it very interesting.  It never crossed my mind how much color affects the way an image in seen.  I.e.: blues and greens make a image seem so much more relaxed vs. reds, yellows and oranges.  I found an interesting article that goes more into depth on this idea.  Including sharing how color can show someone’s feelings or emotion, i.e. cold or sick.  To read more about this click here:



Lastly, in lecture we witnessed a girl having a seizure.  This unfourtante situation caused a lot of chaos and emotion in the classroom, including the parametics coming.  Although this situation was not a still image I believe it still represents the ideas Dr. Rice was speaking about during class.  To give you a better idea of what happens in a seizure, and an idea of the emotion I am talking about, read this:


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