Some challenges include learning

Challenges include learning

Some days it is harder than others to sit in a lecture and be completely focused on what your professor has to say. This seems to be especially true in situations where you have no interest in the topic being discussed.  For me an example of this would be in biology when we are learning how to dissect frogs.  In these situations I think it is fair to say that learning is a challenge, however not all learning is this way.  

Today in Journalism 2150 a guest speaker came and spoke to our class about marketing, media, newsrooms and other journalistic related topics.  The ideas he presented were very interesting and also in perfect correlation with what we will cover this semester.  I really enjoyed how today’s speaker related his topics to visual examples, this made the concepts he was presenting much easier to understand and also relate to.  However, I did not enjoy the long definitions he used to describe certain topics.  The long definitions were too much for students, including myself, to write down and also a bit overwhelming.  .

Although I did not enjoy everything about his presentation I would for sure recommend him for a future class as well as commend the time he put into preparing the presentation.  One example of something I thought was interesting in his presentation was about P&G’s Wal-Mart movies.  Here is the link to the Wal-Mart family night P&G movies:




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